Sri Sadasiva Brammendra Jeeva Samathi

– Sridhar Sharma Thorapadi

Nerur is a fertile village and which is just 8 kms from karur. In a poornima day we had been to the village. Since it was poornima. Adi Perukku and thursday the village was filled with devotees. We have managed to enter the village and we felt that as if we had been in heaven.
It is said that the “Jeeva Samadhi of Sadasiva Brammen dra” at this village is being workshipped by various devotees from various states. Sadasiva Brammendra was born to Somanatha Yogi and Parvathi. They were blessed by God while they were at Ramnad. As a result, they have given birth a male child and they have earlier named him Sivarama Krishnan. The boy learnt all Vedas / Epics / and all arts. The boy learnt all subjects from Sridhar Ayyaval and then Parmasivandral.
He was called by the King of mysore where he tested the knowledge of all pundits. Since no body could stood on their subject because of the counter of Sivarama Krishnan whom his guru Parmasivandral called Sadasivan Brammendra.
Sadasiva Brammendra was advised by his guru to adopt mounam and Sanyasam.
Thanked to god sadasivan came to Agathiam Parai at kodumudi and prayed the God. Since the place was surround ed by cauvery water he continued his prayer months together there. After some time a flood came in cauvery river and he was rolled by water. Due to this he was in depth of river and covered with sand. After some time the people while they were dugging the sand they saw the sanyasi was praying god. He did not wear dress and people paid much respect to him.
Once Sadasiva Brammandra entered in to a Moghal King’s Palace. The king was with his Queen and other maids. Since the Sanyasi was entering the palace without dress the king got much anger and he cut off the hand of sanyasi. Without caring these incident the Sanyasi was moving. Keeping the hand on his hand the king rushed towards Sanyasi and requested him to forgive for his misdeeds. The sanyasi got the hand from the king and placed on his shoulder which was pasted.
like this sadasivan done so many miracles.
Sadasiva Brammendra after some time came to Nerur where he intended to attain Jeeva Samathi. He has called his chief disciples viz. (through Yoga) Maharaja of mysore, Pudu kottai and Tanjore and advised them to form a cave for his Jeeva Samathi. He added that on ninth day on his head a “Vilvam Tree” will came out and on 12th day from Kasi Shetram a lingam will arrive. He concluded stating them to construct a temple.
Earlier he had been prayed by a devotee sastry at manamadurai and a Muslim devotee at Karachi requesting him that they have to be nearer to him on his Jeeva Samathi day. Bramendra made Jeeva Samathi at Manamadurai and Karachi apart from Nerur.
Pamban Swamigal devotees can go nerur and get blessings from Brammendra on a Thurs day.

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